Friday, 26 November 2010

Lights camera action!

what an amazing salon!

We were lucky enough to win a competition with Yellow Pages recently.  They were looking for a salon that showcased our industry exceptionally well and we won!! Heres the video (click on the link above, titled what an amazing salon. The team are brilliant, I`m so proud of them!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Go go go!!

This week has been a mega week for me and OMG, when I got to work Monday and saw the week ahead of me and what I needed to get done, I was half tempted to go back home and hide under the duvet! So much has happened that I dont know where to start!
Our Blink n Go launch went really well with loads of appointments on saturday and all clients pleased. I`m hoping that word of mouth plays a part now and we can get to see many more lash clients in and make their eyes look amazing!
This week I also managed to get our new online shop live - its a fabulous site with loads of great products, gifts, ideas and advice.

We`ve been doing some great bright fashion colour on our clients hair, and as Jess and Rach from our hair team have lovely red and purple hair, so I arranged a mini photoshoot for the two of them. We`ll use the pics to show off to our clients what brilliant colour services we offer. It was the second event for Jess that week as the day before, me and her were involved in making a video for school pupils of 11 years of age - helping them to understand how important it is to study and gain a professional skill. Jess did brilliantly!

I dashed off to Bristol for a TIG seminar on Tuesday and met Helen Ward who gave an inspirational talk. The speakers that evening have been in the industry for 20 years plus and it was really interesting to hear what they had to say.

Then came the switch on of our streets lights for christmas! We now have 9 xmas trees on our street roofs, with beautiful blue led sparkly lights. It was lovely to see the fireworks above our shop as the lights were switched on!
The xmas lights got me in the festive spirit, so as well as making up lots of christmas inspired voucher sets for the salon (you should see our leopard skin and gold bags!) I managed to decide what starter to cook for christmas day - scollops and pea and mint sauce! It also made me realise that its only 5 weeks til xmas, so I`m going to try and drop a few pounds before then (I think I`ll sneakily have a few caci body treatments to help me along the way!!!)

Saturday night we ended up the week with a team visit to see the Swindon Wildcats play ice hockey. Its a great night out and a good release by shouting at the opposition!

Being a beautician not a hairdresser, I never find it easy to do my hair when going out and the hair team dont always have the time to do mine for me, so this week, I did play about at home with my ghds and just gave myself a natural tousled side do, I dont think it was too bad for an amateur. Those ghds are amazing!
Phew, now I know why I slept 11 hours saturday night!! Looking forward to next week - Movember charity event, Sweet 16 photoshoot, xmas decs up, Professional Beauty judging for the 2011 awards and I mustnt forget the xmas songs on our salon ipod!!!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Blink N Go at OMG!

We are escatic to be launching Blink N Go at OMG hair and beauty this week!  These individual lash extensions can be done in 20 minutes and we can add colour too! Going through the training was very intense and challenged our skills as its a new technique but we absolutely love the results and are now flying with them!
Feedback from our models has been brilliant, all 25 of them! Great for holidays, weddings, parties and when you wake in the morning, clean your teeth and look in the mirror, its soooooo nice to look half decent even before you put your make up on! 
We have the Blink n Go strip lashes too - over 24 styles to choose from!

What are you waiting for, join the lash in a flash revolution - Blink N Go Swindon, only at OMG!!!

Suzy the Spud gets an OMG makeover!!!

At a recent Spud party with friends, OMG Suzy came fourth place in the best spud competition. Spud nights are set to be the next best thing when staying in. Invite your girlfriends, the host cooks the jacket potatoes, and guests bring accompanying food - cheese, beans, coleslaw, chilli, dessert and of course, loads of booze! Suzy came fourth, she was beaten by a sheep, a father christmas and a mexican!! OMG donated the winners prize of a goody bag!

Monday, 8 November 2010

New USP For my exfoliator!

After a pretty stressful and busy week last week, I attempted to do something I havent done since school - bake biscuits! I stopped by my local superstore Tesco to get my ingredients and was all ready to go... As an aside, I couldnt believe how busy Tescos was, it was heaving! Ive read about supermarkets being a great place to meet someone and I never quite understood it, but after saturday I can certainly say that shopping appeared to be the new going out!!! I actually enjoyed the hustle, bustle and buzz! Anyway, back to my biccies! They turned out ok for a novice. My only disaster (apart from mixing up celcius and farenheit) was getting home and finding out that I didnt have a rolling pin! The old fashioned milk bottles dont make it to my doorstep nowadays, and the square plastic milk cartons just wouldnt work, so what could I find?! Have a look at my piccie! I wonder if I should also include this use when selling this product to my customers! hee hee hee

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Lights Camera Action!

We recently won a competition with Yellow Pages and Professional Beauty to help showcase the hair and beauty industry. Part of our winning prize was a videoshoot!!! The girls were pretty nervous about being on camera, but really stepped up to the challenge.

They were filmed in their day to day salon life and some of the team were filmed doing specific treatments. We had a model in for the day (who happened to be PBs editor!) and we gave her a makeover.
It was quite a hectic day as the salon was still open and we had clients to see, but they seemed to like the buzz and the gossip of what was going on. It was also interesting to see how the film crew worked, we cant wait to see the video and I`ll post it up on here as soon as we get it!

Bees Knees!

It was nice to treat our customers the other day to complimentary hand and arm massages and scrubs. We have just brought in a small range of Burts Bees products into the salon. They started off mainly with a beeswax line, but now have even scrummier things such as honey and milk body lotion and pomegranate sugar body scrubs!
We like the range because it truly can call itself a natural range because over 97% of its ingredients are natural - not every company can say that!

We also love the packaging, the designs are pretty "old skool" and its a refreshing change!