Monday, 8 November 2010

New USP For my exfoliator!

After a pretty stressful and busy week last week, I attempted to do something I havent done since school - bake biscuits! I stopped by my local superstore Tesco to get my ingredients and was all ready to go... As an aside, I couldnt believe how busy Tescos was, it was heaving! Ive read about supermarkets being a great place to meet someone and I never quite understood it, but after saturday I can certainly say that shopping appeared to be the new going out!!! I actually enjoyed the hustle, bustle and buzz! Anyway, back to my biccies! They turned out ok for a novice. My only disaster (apart from mixing up celcius and farenheit) was getting home and finding out that I didnt have a rolling pin! The old fashioned milk bottles dont make it to my doorstep nowadays, and the square plastic milk cartons just wouldnt work, so what could I find?! Have a look at my piccie! I wonder if I should also include this use when selling this product to my customers! hee hee hee

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