Friday, 17 December 2010

Not enough hours or pennies?!

Over the years, I`ve come across some great products and tips that will help you save time, not just over Christmas, where we all seem to run out of time and are wrapping up pressies at midnight! But these tips will help you all year round!
TIGIS Dirty Secret is a dry spray shampoo - absolutely perfect for the days when you dont have time to wash your hair in the morning, or you`re going out straight after work. Brilliant for festivals too and for fringes!
Try and find yourself a combined cosmetic palette that does everything! Jelly Pong Pongs Shadow Taffy which comes in an amazing bird cage!! (great for a gift!) can be used as a cheek blush, lip gloss and even a silky, glossy eyeshadow! For £12.50 its a bargain!
I have even used St Tropezs Bronzing rocks as a face bronzer, eyeshadow and to give me a sunkissed look on my neck, shoulders and legs! All these little things save time and money and keep your makeup bag a bit lighter. At one point, my bag needed wheels, but now its much more manageable!
Oh, and if you do need a new makeup bag, why not try the Girls Aloud Lash kit - you get 5 sets of strip lashes, some makeup brushes and a fab makeupbag! All for £23. One final tip, make sure you regularly wipe the inside and outside of your makeup bags with an anti-bacterial wipe and the ends of your eyeliners and lip pencils! (If you sharpen them regularly, it keeps them fresh and hygenic too!
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