Thursday, 2 December 2010

Sweet Sixteen!

Our Sweet Sixteen makeover photoshoot went really well with our group of 4 young ladies, they were so excited! They arrived at OMG, with enough suitcases full of clothes, that I thought they were going on holiday for a fortnight!
We did their hair and makeup and made them look fabulous! Its quite tricky to get the balance right for teenagers, if you go to much one way they can look too hard and grown up, but you also want to create a look that maybe they havent created for themselves before.  They chose to go for a relaxed, soft, romantic feel.  Then they were whisked away to the photographers studios - Kris Talikowski - and they got to play around in front of the camera. Group shots, individual shots, serious, relaxed, all types of styles really, and a clothes changeover half way through.
Ive had some great feedback from the girls, that they really enjoyed their day and I cant wait to see the final shots. Heres a sneak preview of just one shot....

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