Tuesday, 13 December 2011

trying hard!

I try hard not to clog my blog up with too much "nails", but I just love them!

I`m loving OMG bride L. Taylors Silver Lightening Minx for her wedding.

OMG video! Girls on film!

Our most latest recent corporate video has been released and we think its fabulous - you get to see inside the salon, our great team, feedback from clients and some funky visuals and music - what more could you ask for! http://www.omghairandbeauty.co.uk/2011video.php

Wonderful opportunity

A great opportunity was sent our way recently, when myself and my sister were asked to get involved in a photoshoot for a major international corporation - who unfortunately I cant name just yet.

We had to deliver hair and makeup over the eras - the last 120 years actually! And some of the shots were amazing! The client, photographer and editor were happy with our contribution, and we were too!
(photographic copyright M. Pepperall)

GHD Christmas Limited edition Scarlet set £129.99 OMG Hair & Beauty

One word..... "BEAUTIFUL!"

Jingle Bells

Its always a busy time for salons. I love this time of year, mince pies and hot chocolate for our clients, gift sets, christmas parties, christmas music, queues at the till. Its a busy and sometimes tiring time, but it is soooooooooo enjoyable! Heres our December offers at OMG, Swindon

Press shots!

I recently had a mini photoshoot with a great designer and photographer friend of mine. I needed updated shots for my CV, new website and press releases etc. I`,m really pleased with the results and recommend him to anyone - Mark Pepperall @Hot Pepper Design.

Proud as punch!


Sunday, 25 September 2011

wedded bliss!

Bridal styling is very popular at OMG and I so love being involved in brides special days! I love doing bridal makeup and transforming a nervous, pale with nerves client into a glamorous, confident beautiful smiling bride! Heres a piccie of a recent client Camilla, when it popped up in my inbox, it made me smile all day. And theres another piccie of some thankyou cards received this week from some of our bridal clients!


Anyone who knows me, knows I love anything to do with cups of tea, cake, china, novelty bird cages, wrapping paper, Orla kiely, sport, OMG and nails!!!!!!

Heres a few things I have been testing out and enjoying lately! I love Essies Sew Psyched polish, its a kind of camo khaki green and looks brilliant. My toes are currently blinged up with 200 genuine Swarovski chrystals at the moment and I cant stop smiling at them. I also tried out OPIs cobalt blue shatter - pretty funky!

This week I also visited the successful Nailphilia exhibition in London this week and was inspired to be even more adventurous, so watch this space!

OPIs autumn colours have been ordered and are on their way - The Muppet and Glamour collections look great!

Friends and cake are the best tonic ever!

It was recently my birthday and it made me realise how lucky I am and that the smallest things make the biggest difference in our lives. Its quite easy in the hair and beauty industry to get wrapped up in material things, but for my birthday, it was the simplest things that made me smile! More than 150 friends leaving messages on my facebook, sharing cake with my bestest of friends and birthday pressies such as a teapot and some vintage badges. I`m going to use this realisation about the teeny things in life, in OMG and how we treat our clients. Making the small little gestures and making our clients feel truly fantastic! ;-)

Thursday, 11 August 2011


In a recent previous post, I mentioned a new trend in nails and thats Magnetic Nail Polish! Well I got hold of LCNS starter kit and have been having a play around. My clients are loving it! To the eye, it looks quite three dimensional and people want to touch it all the time as they cant believe its dead flat! I used Essies Good To Go Topcoat as its still th ebest on the market (in my humble opinion!)
Do you like??!!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

You cant win the race if you dont join the starting line!

I never set my blog up to win competitions or get myself free goodies or prizes. Its purely a vehicle for sharing my love of life - but in particular, hair, beauty, fashion and nails. Things intrigue me, things inspire me and some things even frustrate me and my blog is a way of communicating my thoughts with other people.
But Looks blogging competition has hooked me and I cant resist entering! A bit like trying to walk past the coconut chocolate spread at Sainsburys - virtually impossible!
I would totally love to be sat in the front row at the Look Show @ London Fashion Week. Aside from being able to blog almost instantaneously about what I`m seeing, I can sneakily look at what all the guests are wearing and gossip about it on my blog. I promise that I will try hard not to gawp with an open mouth and drool over the lush fashions I will see, what I will do is give you down to earth, honest, real life posts that inspire and make you giggle ;-)

Ahead of my time!? (well my mother was!)

I recently found this picture of myself at about 7 years old. Over the last few years, recycling fashion has been really popular. Most beauty contests now have a section where contestants have to make their own costume, with recycling being a hugely popular theme.

Well, it won me first prize! So thanks mummy! You started me thinking about being creative and having fun really early on in life. Love you! xx

Spot the dot!

It seems that everyones going dotty over spots at the moment! Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 shows many creative ways of wearing dots. Dots on hats, bags, shoes, clothes and even nails. I`m thinking that we may even see multi dots - large dots mixed with small, a bit like the double denim trend of not long ago. I`m thinking of upgrading my nice stachel leather bag this autumn with a silky black and white dotted scarf tied around one of the handles. And I`m just on the search into my nail kit for my dotting tool thats about ten years old! Yes, what goes around eventually comes around! And one final thought, i wonder if the sale of dalmations is about to go up??!!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Photoshoot prep! and a busy week ahead!

Next week sees OMGs latest photoshoot coming together. The team have been busy with moodboards, researching, practising, working with the models and discussing the hair, makeup, nails and clothes. I will post some pics as soon as I have them.
Also next week we have a new beauty therapist joining us, Rachel Harries, she has over 7 years experience and has a really nice friendly caring personality. We are also opening our 5th treatment room, and its looking good! I think i might need a bit of a rest next Sunday when the weeks over!

Nailed it!

Some years ago there was the resurgence of nail art - you know, they typical flowers on the toe, or the odd gem or two. But nowadays its level of sophistication and technology has gone stratospheric!
I love experimenting with Minx nails - a foil based nail covering that comes in many different patterns. Not just pictures of Santa, but snakeskin patterns, metallic holograms, you can even get personalised Minx, with pictures of your favourite music artist or family member. Lady Ga Ga, Katy Perry are all great fans. The picture is of Minx on my toes. I`m into the tenth day of wearing it now and its still looking great!
I have tried alternative competitors who are now on the market, eg Trendy Nail wraps and N`Applique, but personally I find them not so effective - they are more cumbersome to work with, look less sophistcated, are thicker which makes it harder to get the stretch and pull you need. And in my experience Minx lasts the best. I have moved away from using an infra red lamp to heat the foils, and use OPIS mini nail hairdryers, which are fab!
Hot on the Hollywood scene is the snakeskin manicure/pedicure, which after applying a thick coloured layer of gel, you apply real snakeskin and then seal with a topcoat. It takes over two hours to do and in Holllywood, costs £150. Is the UK ready for this, Im not so sure. No snakes are hurt in this process as its the natural shedding of the skin that is used, but personally I feel a bit squeamish about using it!

I`ve also got some magnetic nail polish on its way and will post some examples when I do it next week. You paint the nail with a special varnish and then use this little magnetic to get very unusual shapes in the varnish - something quite different to crackle, shatter or nail art. So watch this space!

Bridal seasons taking over!

It seems that every weekend now I`m out and about all over the countryside, doing wedding makeup. It does take me out of the salon on a saturday, which tends to be our most busiest and buzziest day of the year, but to be part of someones very special day and to have such a key role, is really something quite special.
Hotels are contacting me as the word spreads at what I and OMG can do, and we are now on many venues preferred suppliers lists. I probably receive at least one request for a bridal quote every day now.
http://www.omghairandbeauty.co.uk/weddings.php go to our wedding section on our website, it showcases some of our great work.
Its not always an easy job doing bridal services, sometimes the bride can be very stressed or emotional, and there are often lots of interruptions. But I always put myself in the brides shoes, remember my own day and how important it was to me that everyone had  a fantastic day and that I looked great! The budget for most weddings is pretty big and I want my clients to feel they best they have ever felt and if it means going the extra mile for them, I will, and do.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Will this work?!

I`ve been sent some ColourOn eyeshadow appliques. With names such as Barbados, Desert Sands and Swept Away, the only way I can describe them is like little stickers of eyeshadow that go onto the eyelid and then I guess, transfer onto the eye. Place, smooth, peel, blend and set is the suggested process and I cant wait to try them. I am a makeupartist and I simply cant believe thatthis can replace a well applied smoky eye or great party or bridal eyes, but we will see! I will post the results as soon as I can!

New team @ OMG

Great news for the company! We have been so busy at the salon lately that we have decided to take on some more new employees. We are quite fussy about who works here, as its not just about skills, but attitude as well. So this week, we recruited Cianna, a Level 3 NVQ hairdresser. Shes already worked in a salon before, so already brings lots of knowledge and experience. So we will just bring her on, train her the OMG way and set her off on her hairdressing career with us. In her first week she was already applying tints and did a prom put up, so all good news!
Next is Jodie! Shes our new beauty therapist. A very confident young woman who has worked on a spa for nearly 5 years. Her massages and body treatments are excellent. In her first week shes already passed her spray tanning exam and has been really busy!
And finally is Aimee, our new senior stylist hairdresser. Shes been hairdressing for over 9 years and nothing panics her! Shes had a really busy week too!
Its pretty hard our jobs, standing on your feet all day, and that can be quite tiring, so I know they are looking forward to a lazy sunday lie in!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Awards galore!

On Monday 6th June, some of the OMG team travelled to Kensington Rooftop Gardens for BABTACS annual award ceremony. We were a finalist in the Best UK Salon category.
Daniel Sandler celebrity makeup artist was the host and gave us a wonderful insight into his career and the work that he does.
And then two days later I received a phonecall from the editor of Professional Beauty informing me that we had reached their UK shortlist for Most Inspiring UK salon! To get onto this list of only 30 salons is a massive achievement and I am so proud of the salon! Last year there were some big hitters on there, truly the cream of the crop, so for OMG to be included, I am over the moon!

I love my job!

I absolutely love doing bridal makeup for my clients. Its a very personal thing to be involved with and I feel very privileged to be let into someones life, on what usually is one of the most important days of their lives.
A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working at Caswell House, a beautiful 15th century manor house in the Costwolds. The bride Tracey is naturally photogenic and a really happy character.
It was a beautiful day and I felt really happy as I left, knowing that the bride, her mum and the three bridesmaids felt confident and beautiful.

I may not be saving lives, but in a small way, I am making a difference and to be involved in helping someone feel confident and ready for such a big day is priceless.

Beauty Salon for kids causes controversy

Trendy Monkeys beauty salon in Essex has been causing quite a stir! Its said to be the first salon to offer under 13s spray tans, facials and fake tattoos.  The salon opened at the weekend, with one of its first customers 16 months old!

Children’s rights campaigners have accused the owner of the shop, a former glamour model, of offering inappropriate services that sexualise young girls.

Its a sensitive issue to comment on this one, so for me personally, I guess the jurys out. Will it be a successful business model, will the young girls then become lifelong clients or will it just fizzle out? Lets check back in a year....
We do have plenty of prom clients in OMG, our Sweet Sixteen photoshoots are quite popular and we do get younger girls who are in dancing competitions wanting spray tans, but I would say that 99% of our clients are over 15 years old.
And our eldest client is 100!

Beauty salon for kids feature

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New Pirates Of The Carribean Nail polish collection from OPI.

Just about to drop into the shelves of OMG over the next few days, I`m excited to share these lovely colours with you. Inspired by Pirates Of The Carribean theres beautiful shades of lavendar, pink and sage. You can use them as they are, or you can overlay them with OPIs new silver shatter. Gauging how their Black Shatter flew off our shelves, we think this is going to be a top seller this summer!
Watch the video to find out more! They are going tolook great on hands or toes and just fabulous on the beach or at a party!

OMG what a team!

On our way to see Hairspray at the Bristol Hippodrome one sunday recently, we took the opportunity with everyone together to have a few piccies taken. Thanks Kris Talikowski photography!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Royal Wedding!

I had the most fabulous week last week! Not only was the salon mega busy, but I just love a Royal Wedding! I thought that Kate looked fabulous and the bashful William was as endearing as always!
What caused the most stir though was Kates sister Pippa and her "perfect derriere". A lot of your body shape is down to your genes, but we are having fabulous results with our CACI body contouring treatment - it lifts, tones and reduces cellulite. If you need a quick fix, our algae slimming wrap is also worth trying.
I have read that Kate got her skin into condition with Crystal Clear facials, well we have a Crystal Clear machine here at OMG, so if you`re looking to brighten and smooth your skin, a microdermabrasion with us is the answer.
I had to chuckle at one of the little bridesmaids on the balcony, it must have been too loud for her! That photo is going to follow her around forever!! I had a fabulous Royal Wedding Tea Party on the wedding day - complete with 9 friends, all dressed up and plenty of home made cakes and a cream tea - I think I need some of those treatments myself now!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

OMGs everywhere!

I thought it would be quite fun to start recording all the times I see OMG. Heres a few I have collated so far! If you have any, post therm here or email them to me!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

trends for 2011?

Its so hard to really pin point whats going to be in and whats not, but after my trawling of magazines and the web, I`ve got a few to offer you!

Do pony tails make you feel as if you are back at school?! Well be prepared because they have been on all the catwalks lately and if thats anything to go by, then they are here for the summer! Tight and high or low and soft, you choose!

Bright eyeshadows are everywhere - take your pick from coral, yellow and green. Its quite suprising actually, that if applied correctly, these colours can look really good. Dont go over the whole eye socket, keep it as a nice sweeping line across the base of the lid.  Customising your kohl is also a great way of bringing personality to your makeup - go smokey, smudgey, little flicks, dots, create your own eye style!

Remember the fun 50s style sunglasses? Well I have seen lots of them in the magazines, coloured plastic, flowers on them, swirls and eye catching patterns on the arms, lets see if they catch on for the summer. Quite fun for tea parties I guess!

Some of you may not like this one, but apparently, thick define dbrows are back in. I`m not sure if I like this one though, they wouldnt suit me and they wont grow thick anyway!

Monday, 14 March 2011

No chips or smudges - the 2 week manicure

Each and every year, about three or four things take the hair and beauty industry by storm, in the last couple of years its been eyelash extensions & Minx and before that, GHDs.

Well this year, gel manicures are tipped for the top.

UV cured, the coloured gels are immediately dry and as you stand up from the manicure desk, you dont have to worry about smudging them on your coat and purse or that getting your car keys out is going to ruin them.
We use OPI Axxium in OMG and our clients love it. I think its going to be especially popular for holidays as you can go away and not worry that stubbing your toe in the swimming pool or walking through golden sand on the beach, will ruin your toe nails.
 I always find, sods law, that I manage to chip my nails at the airport, me and suitcases dont get along! Heres a couple of piccies of our 2 week gel manicures at OMG.

Make Up via your camera!

The latest LUMIX  Panasonic digital camera has got a feature, that if its as good as it says it is, well, we need never worry about a bad photo again!

The Beauty Retouch Mode makes it possible to virtually makeup faces. Various effects can be applied to the face including clearing the skin texture, whitening teeth and so on. You can also choose the color of foundation, lips, cheeks or eye-shadow.

If the press release on this was April Fools Day, I would certainly think it was too good to be true. I just need to find someone who has one now, so I can test it for myself!


Thursday, 3 March 2011

The making of Dior eyeshadow palette


I think this is a really interesting video of how one of Diors eyeshadow palettes are made BY HAND!!! I love the colours too! Only thing I worry about if I had one was not wanting to use it as it would get ruined! I think its one for my collection, so that in 30 years time, a really beautiful collection could be showcased.

Beauty Queens!

We are sooooooooo delighted to win Professional Beautys Best Small UK Employer award! This is the second year we have won this award and I know that only the best made it to the finals so it makes this an even better achievement.  It was all a bit surreal, our award was the first one up, so I didnt get chance to suss out what was going on and then when we went on stage to collect the award and I was asked to say a few words, I was really unprepared.  I did the usual, thanking everyone and nearly ended up doing a Gwyneth at the end - but I just about held it together!
This award recognises business performance, staff training, development, motivation, leadership, marketing and communications, so no mean feat to win it!
So I continue to wake up each morning, glad to be going in to do the job I do, and so so so proud of OMG and all my team.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Saving your skin!

The International Dermal Institute recently published a fantastic article on the savage affects of winter on our skins. Heres an extract, I hope you find it useful! Dont forget, we have skin experts at OMG and are really happy to talk to you about your skin and how to get it in its best health. We sell all the products below - in salon or on line http://www.omgmee.com/dermalogica shop

•Switch out your foaming cleanser for a soothing gel cream instead to replenish lipids and soothe sensitivity. Try dermalogica’s UltraCalming Cleanser.

•Sweep away flakey, dull skin cells with Daily Resurfacer that gentle smoothes and brightens while hydrating the skin at the same time.

•Layer on hydration and reduce tightness by spritzing after cleansing and throughout the day over makeup choose from MultiActive Toner, Antioxidant HydraMist or UltraCalming Mist.

•For sore, red, irritated skin, comfort with a generous application of UltraCalming Serum Concentrate and use UltraCalming Relief Masque a few times a week to soothe and calm.

•Change to a heavier weight moisturizer for more nourishment and protection like Super Rich Repair for day and night.

•If it’s super cold, try a healing balm like Climate Control on exposed areas like lips, nose and cheekbones for extra protection and healing.

•Repair and diminish dry skin and lines by gently patting Intensive Eye Repair around your eyes.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Pre night nerves!

Tomorrow we are heading to London, for the Professional Beauty Awards evening.  OMG have reached the finals for Best Small Employer.  After submitting a portfolio and myself attending a grilling, sorry, interview session in front of 8 judges!,  in London a few weeks ago, the winner was decided. Who will win? We will find out tomorrow - piccies to come!

New treatment menu

I am so excited that our new treatment brochure is here! Its taken a whole shed of researching, planning and designing to get it just right and I am so proud of it! We even have a few piccies of our clients and employees in it! And there are over 22 new services, such as cooling stone facials, mens colour camo, vitamin c facials and on location wedding styling.  So no-one can say that we arent trying really hard to bring new ideas and treatments to our clients!!!! Its important to us that we remain current, fresh, innovative and inspiring as a company and our new brochure helps us along the way to that goal. Its style is more editorial, more of a magazine feel to it and so far the feedback has been super. Our website is being updated as we speak!

Ice Ice Baby!

Sorry for lack of posts lately, but life here has been manic!  I managed to fly off to Finland last week and skate a marathon 40k on a frozen lake in Kuopia. It was minus 28 degrees at certain points and it took me 3 hours 20 minutes. I am still collecting money, but it looks like I will have raised £1000 for our local Hospice, the Prospect. It was a massive challenge for me, certainly psychologically, I had a few demons to conquer as I was skating round. But the money raised has made it all worth it. Thanks to everyone who sponsored me!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Fly Beauty

I dont know about you, but I get bored when waiting for a flight and often spend my time ambling around the shops, not really doing anything. But what better way to start your holiday with a bit of pampering! A new salon is set to open in Gatwick’s North Terminal this summer. The Travel Spa is part of the planned 10,000sq ft No.1 Traveller Lounge, which will also house a mini cinema and games facilities.

Any passenger will be able to buy access to the lounge for £20 and can then buy, massages, manicures, hairdressing services and have access to the showering facilities at the TravelSpa.
Sounds good to me. Sometimes a holiday is the only time I have to stop and pamper myself, so I know where I will be heading next time I go to Gatwick North!

Its all for charity!

Sorry for the lack of postings recently, I have been hard at work and hard at training.  I have put myself up to skate a marathon on a frozen lake in Finland in three weeks time! Im raising money for our local hospice, The Prospect. Many of our clients and families have needed their help over the years and I thought that to do something challenging would be a way to raise funds and help them. My targets £500 and I am half way there.
So its early 6am visits to the gym, evening training, skating sessions and a healthy diet for me. After a hard slog  to start with (my body didnt know what had hit it!) I am now feeling great and cant wait to hit this challenge face on!! I hope I can make it round and raise soemmoney for a worthwhile cause.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

MAC Wonder Woman

You heard it here first remember... MAC are meant to be producing a make up collection around Wonder Woman. Well if it makes me want to spin round and turn into a superhero, I`m up for it! I`m guessing bright packaging, powerful names and strong colours??...

OMG is three years old!!!

It doesnt seem like 5 minutes ago I was knee deep in paint, cardboard boxes, rubbish and dust, renovating the building, getting ready to launch OMG Hair & Beauty. But here we are 3 years on and we are alive and kicking! Which considering what our economy has gone through in the last couple of years, thats an achievement I`m proud of. Being awarded Best Small Beauty Salon 2010 and Best employer have been key highlights for me over the last few years, but without sounding too sickly, every day something happens that makes me smile. From seeing an employee do a really good job to receiving an email of thanks or a box of choccies from a client, its all worth the hard work in the end!
I`m looking forward to cakes and bubbly with our lovely clients tomorrow and handing out our 20% loyalty cards (if you haven`t tried our hair or beauty department before, come in and pick up a card).
Just a mention to my little sis Bex. Without her hard work and total and absolute commitment and passion for hairdressing, OMG would be nothing. Love u always. x

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


We are all "shattered" at OMG! Well, not literally, but our nails are! Katy Perry has collaborated with OPI, and the limited edition range they have come up with is amazing! No word of a lie, but within 8 minutes of putting the stand out, one bottle was gone!
With four polishes called Teenage Dream, The One That Got Away, Not Like The Movies and Last Friday Night in the collection, I`m convinced they are going to fly! Even without using the shatter effect, they are lovely colours in their own right. But what does make them pop is when you apply the black shatter polish on top. Literally, in front of your eyes, magic happens! It leaves your nails with a kind of crackled glaze effect. or actually, what it says on the tin - a shattered look!
You can use any OPI polish as your base colour, it worked really well with the designer silver that they do.
One key tip, the base colour must be absolutely dry before you put on the shatter. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Choo the rumour

If all rumours are true, then Tamara Mellon launches Jimmy Choos long awaited perfume next month - perfect timing for Valentines Day! Its meant to have a modern, fruity whiff, with green top notes, exotic tiger orchid, sweet toffee and Indonesian patchouli.

So if a pair of Choos are out of the question, surely we can justify a mere reported £45 for a bottle. And if you`re like me, its not just the scent that appeals, its the bottle design too. Would we expect anything else?! `Im also looking forward to seeing the adverts, as apparently theres no supermodel, but Tamara herself.

Dermalogica keeps delivering!

I`ve long been an advocate of Dermalogica (been using their range now for about 8 years) and its the primary skincare line that I stock in OMG.  Yes I love all things girly, the more pretty, fussy, quirky the better! I`m a sucker for anything with flowers, bows and sparkle!! But theres something very grounding and reassuring about Dermalogicas no fuss packaging. In my experience, I have only found their products to deliver results, every single time. So its no suprise that they picked up two awards in the UK Beauty Awards 2010.
Best New Skincare Product  C-12 Concentrate, the outright winner of the Best New Skincare Product, is a silky-rich, high potency treatment which brightens, minimises discolouration and improves skin clarity. I used this on a pesky pigmentation patch above my eye that randomly appeared last year and its gone now!
Best New Men’s Grooming Product  Invigorating Shave Gel.  Described by the judges as the “perfect product”, Invigorating Shave Gel is a multi-use, oil-free shaving aid that infuses skin with antioxidants, helps delay the signs of ageing and gives a “barber-close” shave. I used the hubbie as a guinea pig and he loved it!

But for me, theres another hero product I wanted to share with you. The multivitamin power concentrate capsules. Its recently won the best Luxury Anti-Ageing Product as voted by Stylist readers. It comes in a handy tin and accompanied by a teenier travel tin too! The capsules are silver fish shaped, that you just twist and squeeze. Pure, concentrated vitamins A, C and E helps reverse the signs of premature aging while defending against future free radical damage. Every January I treat my skin to a course of these capsules, just popping on my skin each night before I put my moisturiser on. And it genuinely improves my skin. I`m not sure if I like the title of the award "luxury" as that implies expensive. But for £40 for a months supply of capsules, with the results it brings, I think thats good value.