Thursday, 3 March 2011

Beauty Queens!

We are sooooooooo delighted to win Professional Beautys Best Small UK Employer award! This is the second year we have won this award and I know that only the best made it to the finals so it makes this an even better achievement.  It was all a bit surreal, our award was the first one up, so I didnt get chance to suss out what was going on and then when we went on stage to collect the award and I was asked to say a few words, I was really unprepared.  I did the usual, thanking everyone and nearly ended up doing a Gwyneth at the end - but I just about held it together!
This award recognises business performance, staff training, development, motivation, leadership, marketing and communications, so no mean feat to win it!
So I continue to wake up each morning, glad to be going in to do the job I do, and so so so proud of OMG and all my team.

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