Monday, 14 March 2011

No chips or smudges - the 2 week manicure

Each and every year, about three or four things take the hair and beauty industry by storm, in the last couple of years its been eyelash extensions & Minx and before that, GHDs.

Well this year, gel manicures are tipped for the top.

UV cured, the coloured gels are immediately dry and as you stand up from the manicure desk, you dont have to worry about smudging them on your coat and purse or that getting your car keys out is going to ruin them.
We use OPI Axxium in OMG and our clients love it. I think its going to be especially popular for holidays as you can go away and not worry that stubbing your toe in the swimming pool or walking through golden sand on the beach, will ruin your toe nails.
 I always find, sods law, that I manage to chip my nails at the airport, me and suitcases dont get along! Heres a couple of piccies of our 2 week gel manicures at OMG.

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