Tuesday, 29 March 2011

trends for 2011?

Its so hard to really pin point whats going to be in and whats not, but after my trawling of magazines and the web, I`ve got a few to offer you!

Do pony tails make you feel as if you are back at school?! Well be prepared because they have been on all the catwalks lately and if thats anything to go by, then they are here for the summer! Tight and high or low and soft, you choose!

Bright eyeshadows are everywhere - take your pick from coral, yellow and green. Its quite suprising actually, that if applied correctly, these colours can look really good. Dont go over the whole eye socket, keep it as a nice sweeping line across the base of the lid.  Customising your kohl is also a great way of bringing personality to your makeup - go smokey, smudgey, little flicks, dots, create your own eye style!

Remember the fun 50s style sunglasses? Well I have seen lots of them in the magazines, coloured plastic, flowers on them, swirls and eye catching patterns on the arms, lets see if they catch on for the summer. Quite fun for tea parties I guess!

Some of you may not like this one, but apparently, thick define dbrows are back in. I`m not sure if I like this one though, they wouldnt suit me and they wont grow thick anyway!

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