Friday, 10 June 2011

Beauty Salon for kids causes controversy

Trendy Monkeys beauty salon in Essex has been causing quite a stir! Its said to be the first salon to offer under 13s spray tans, facials and fake tattoos.  The salon opened at the weekend, with one of its first customers 16 months old!

Children’s rights campaigners have accused the owner of the shop, a former glamour model, of offering inappropriate services that sexualise young girls.

Its a sensitive issue to comment on this one, so for me personally, I guess the jurys out. Will it be a successful business model, will the young girls then become lifelong clients or will it just fizzle out? Lets check back in a year....
We do have plenty of prom clients in OMG, our Sweet Sixteen photoshoots are quite popular and we do get younger girls who are in dancing competitions wanting spray tans, but I would say that 99% of our clients are over 15 years old.
And our eldest client is 100!

Beauty salon for kids feature

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