Saturday, 30 July 2011

Bridal seasons taking over!

It seems that every weekend now I`m out and about all over the countryside, doing wedding makeup. It does take me out of the salon on a saturday, which tends to be our most busiest and buzziest day of the year, but to be part of someones very special day and to have such a key role, is really something quite special.
Hotels are contacting me as the word spreads at what I and OMG can do, and we are now on many venues preferred suppliers lists. I probably receive at least one request for a bridal quote every day now. go to our wedding section on our website, it showcases some of our great work.
Its not always an easy job doing bridal services, sometimes the bride can be very stressed or emotional, and there are often lots of interruptions. But I always put myself in the brides shoes, remember my own day and how important it was to me that everyone had  a fantastic day and that I looked great! The budget for most weddings is pretty big and I want my clients to feel they best they have ever felt and if it means going the extra mile for them, I will, and do.

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