Thursday, 11 August 2011


In a recent previous post, I mentioned a new trend in nails and thats Magnetic Nail Polish! Well I got hold of LCNS starter kit and have been having a play around. My clients are loving it! To the eye, it looks quite three dimensional and people want to touch it all the time as they cant believe its dead flat! I used Essies Good To Go Topcoat as its still th ebest on the market (in my humble opinion!)
Do you like??!!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

You cant win the race if you dont join the starting line!

I never set my blog up to win competitions or get myself free goodies or prizes. Its purely a vehicle for sharing my love of life - but in particular, hair, beauty, fashion and nails. Things intrigue me, things inspire me and some things even frustrate me and my blog is a way of communicating my thoughts with other people.
But Looks blogging competition has hooked me and I cant resist entering! A bit like trying to walk past the coconut chocolate spread at Sainsburys - virtually impossible!
I would totally love to be sat in the front row at the Look Show @ London Fashion Week. Aside from being able to blog almost instantaneously about what I`m seeing, I can sneakily look at what all the guests are wearing and gossip about it on my blog. I promise that I will try hard not to gawp with an open mouth and drool over the lush fashions I will see, what I will do is give you down to earth, honest, real life posts that inspire and make you giggle ;-)

Ahead of my time!? (well my mother was!)

I recently found this picture of myself at about 7 years old. Over the last few years, recycling fashion has been really popular. Most beauty contests now have a section where contestants have to make their own costume, with recycling being a hugely popular theme.

Well, it won me first prize! So thanks mummy! You started me thinking about being creative and having fun really early on in life. Love you! xx

Spot the dot!

It seems that everyones going dotty over spots at the moment! Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 shows many creative ways of wearing dots. Dots on hats, bags, shoes, clothes and even nails. I`m thinking that we may even see multi dots - large dots mixed with small, a bit like the double denim trend of not long ago. I`m thinking of upgrading my nice stachel leather bag this autumn with a silky black and white dotted scarf tied around one of the handles. And I`m just on the search into my nail kit for my dotting tool thats about ten years old! Yes, what goes around eventually comes around! And one final thought, i wonder if the sale of dalmations is about to go up??!!