Friday, 20 September 2013

Geeky fitness!

I wouldnt say I`m a techie, but I do like my gadgets.
It was my birthday recently and I received a brilliant gadget that has me hooked.
I`m really into healthy living right now and understanding how my body is reacting to different foods and different types of exercise.

Its the Nike fuel band, which can be purchased at Apple stores, and no doubt on line. £145.FUEL BAND VIDEO

Its a funky wristband type bracelet, in black, opaque or green, in various size, with spacers too.

To set it up on my laptop took a simple 5 minutes, even I managed not to get confused or mess it up!
Then I downloaded the app on my iphone, synced it up and away I went!

You can select what level of fuel you want to burn up each day - inactive, active etc etc. And basically you just get on with it!
It tells oyu all sorts of things, Im still learning now what it can tell me! Steps taken, calories burnt, how far off you are from your target. Theres graphs on there, comparisons by day, week or month.

Theres even a really funny man that jumps up and down when you achieve a goal.

I`ve found it really good that if I`ve had a lazy day in the office, it makes me get up and move!! Its also been really useful in showing me what types of exercise are actually more effective for me.