Friday, 11 October 2013

Tape Me Up, Im a RockDoc!

I`ve recently been on a sports kinesiology taping course and I cannot wait to use it on my clients. I first spotted this taping at the Olympics and on Rafael Nadals leg at Wimbledon. I then happened to suffer a shoulder sprain and decided to give it a go. It didn`t erase my injury but it certainly helped me continue training and eased the pressure I felt on my joint and muscles.
Theres a massive amount involved in this, so I`ll keep this post generic for now and post individual reports on different techniques and problems as we go along in the future. I discovered that it can even be used over a pregnant ladies tummy, to help offload some of the extra weight and strain.

After much research, I chose Rocktape, as its the leader in the industry and the quality of its tape is unrivalled. Let the taping begin!

Twilly Good Fun

I also absolutely LOVE "For the Twill of it" , its like a peacock two toned petrol like polish and I`ve got it on order!! I`m putting my money on this one as flying in winter.

Christmas Nail Sparkle

Just started exploring whats out there for christmas this year. Whats going to be big in the nail sector?
I really like the Essie Lux Effects range. Theres dramatic colours such as blue and red to choose from, or a more subtle gold and silver. I think the silver would even work really well for winter brides. Just going to try and persuade one of my brides this year to try it!